March 2016

Women in Comics: Mockingbird

Publisher: Marvel Comics First Appearance: Astonishing Tales #6, June 1971 Full Name: Barbara “Bobbi” Morse Barton Alter Ego: Barbara Morse-Barton, Roberta Morse, Agent 19, The Huntress Created by: Len Wein, Neal Adams, Gerry [Read More]

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Women in Comics: Supergirl

  Publisher: DC Comics First Appearance: Action Comics #252, May 1959 Real Name: Kara Zor-L Aliases: Flamebird, Linda Lee Danvers, Claire Conners, Kara Kent, Linda Lang, Kara Danvers Created by: Otto Binder and Al [Read More]

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Women in Comics: Black Canary

  Publisher: DC Comics First Appearance: Flash Comics #86, August 1947 Alter Egos: Dinah Drake Lance, Dinah Laurel Lance, Dinah Lance Aliases: Siu Jerk Jai, Operative Canary, D.D. Created by: Robert Kanigher and Carmine [Read More]

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Women in Comics: Monica Rambeau

Publisher: Marvel Comics First Appearance: The Amazing Spiderman Annual #16, 1982 Real Name: Monica Rambeau Aliases: Captain Marvel, Photon, Pulsar, Daystar, Spectre, Lady of Light, Monica Marvel, Sun Goddess, Spectrum Created by: Roger [Read More]

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Women in Comics: Storm

Publisher: Marvel Comics First Appearance: Giant-Size X-Men #1, May 1975 Alter Ego: Ororo Munroe Notable Aliases: Ororo Iquadi T’Challa, The Weather Witch Created by: Len Wein and Dave Cockrum [Read More]

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